Commission Form

Customizable Commission Status: Open (Limited)

NOTE: This is only for traditional, customizable commissions, my pre-made designs are available for commissioning here!

Available on all Data Centers. 

S House - 60€
M House - 75€
L House - 90€

Please DM me on Discord (aironoe) or Twitter (@aironoe) if interested
For commissions, please fill out this form and the send it to me on Discord. 
Discord name + tag: In-game name:  
Server + DC: House Location/Address and Size:  
Preferred style (i.e. modern Japanese, Cottage, etc): 
Preferred colors (if any): 
A description of what you’d like done, for example a specific style or concept, what kind of rooms (livingroom, bedroom) or, if it’s a communal or private space etc:
Which of my builds is closest to your requested style?: 
[If you have any reference or inspiration pictures, please attach them aswell. Please use only real-life references!]

Before sending me a commission request, please make sure to have read the Terms of Service and the FAQ