Q: How does the commission process work?
Payment is paid in full before I start work on your house. Upon contact on Discord, I will meet you at the desired location on one of my housing alts. You will need to add me to your estate, or FC and give me a role that allows all housing options to be enabled. Information regarding how to set this up can be found below.

Q: Who pays for the furniture & dyes?
All housing items are to be provided by the customer. I ask that you set aside a set amount of gil so that I may purchase furniture (estimated prices listed below). If providing gil is a concern, please contact me on Discord and we can come up with a different alternative.
Small: 5M
Medium: 6M
Large: 7M
This only applies to custom-builds and not pre-made designs.

Q: How does the setup work?
1. Add my alt account to your friends’ list.
2. Social Menu > Housing Menu > Private Estate / Free Company Estate > Shared Estate Settings.
3. Select ‘Add New Tenant’. Then enable ‘Estate Customization > Adding/ Removing/ Dyeing Furnishings’
4. Close Window, now the added Tenant should get a message saying that they are now sharing an estate.

Q: Can you add me to the waitlist?
If my page states that my commissions are open I will gladly add you to the list! Please contact me on Discord (aironoe#5512) if this is the case. If the page says they are closed please refer to the ‘Notification Signup‘, where you can sign up to receive a notification once commissions are open again. Please understand that the notification signup will not automatically put you on the waitlist, you are still inquired to contact me on Discord.

Q: How long is the waitlist?
This depends on, sometimes only a few days, sometimes it can be a few months. Please be patient with me!

Q: What item(s) did you use for X?
If you have questions like this, or general questions about how I float or glitch things, please send me a message on my discord (aironoe#5512). I also occasionally post Youtube guides explaining what items I’ve used in a specific build (here).

Q: Can you design my apartment?
No sorry. Since apartments cannot be shared among tenants I cannot design one for you. Additionally, sharing an account is also against the FFXIV terms of service, I will decline any request for me to log onto your account in order to design for you.