Terms of Service

Payment and Furniture
> I will require full payment after the consultation and before I begin work on your estate.
> The design fee does not include furniture.
(please contact me for my rates. No gil payment)
> I ask that you provide me with gil so that I may purchase the furniture I’ll require. Fees are the following:
>> 6M [Small]
>> 7M [Medium]
>> 8M [Large]
Any gil left over will be returned to the commissioner.
> Please be aware that you might be asked to provide non-craftable and non-marketboard items, such as furniture from Bi-colored Gemstones, Bozja, or the Doman Enclave Reconstruction.
>If you want me to design your garden there is an additional fee, please consult with me and I’ll let you know the price.

Waitlist and Time Frame
> I will not accept any work that is required to be completed during a specific time frame (ex. ‘please complete my request in 4 days’)
> I am not required to commit to a specific date for your commission. If you are on the waitlist, please be patient, I will contact you when it is your turn.

Housing Item Limit and Floor Restrictions
> I will only accept requests for one-story builds, this is due to the item slot limits within estates. Housing styles like mine require a lot of glitching, and often, one single piece of furniture might actually be composed of 4-5 items, heavily limiting the amount of space one may use without it looking dull. Please refer to my previous builds to see their sizes.

I as the designer hold the right to decline any commission. Should I choose to cancel a commission and payment have been provided, the payment will be returned to you.

I will not rebuild or reconstruct any build once it is finished. You as the commissioner hold the right to provide feedback or request during the creating process, but once the build is finished I will not rebuild major areas unless provided with additional payment. Small fixes can be made after the process is finished, such as glitching errors or clippings, but within a limited timeframe.

I cannot provide a refund once I have started building. You may choose to cancel your commission before I start working and receive a full refund. Once I have started building refunds are not accepted.

If you post my build on social media, you must credit me.
You are not allowed to copy me, or my work under any circumstances. Taking inspiration is completely ok, but no blatant copy and paste of entire builds.

You as the commissioner may request to keep your estates location private. If this is a request of yours, please let me know. If not stated I will likely publish your in-game address when I post the finished product.

I hold the right to all my designs. As a client you hold the right to your estate and furniture, but not the design itself. This means that I am able to resell the design should I wish to, please be understanding of this.