FFXIV Housing

In 2021 I found a passion for FFXIV’s in-game house decorating system. After using up both my own private estate, as well as my FC’s house and a small apartment, my fingers were itching for more housing, without wanting to tear down my previous builds. As a result I started taking housing commissions. As of 2024 I’ve designed homes for over 90+ customers.


Small Houses

200 item slots and a somewhat limiting floorspace, yet these cottages can make a very interesting playground for a designer like me. Check out all my S sized houses in the gallery linked below!

Medium Houses

In my opinion, the shape of medium houses are the best. The distinct T-shape makes it easy to make neatly divided rooms, resulting in a interesting layout. Check out all my M sized houses linked below.

Large Houses

Who does not love a large house? Their large open floorplan can make for very interesting concepts, and the 400 item slot limitation is great for when you want to create something truly unique. Check out all L sized houses linked below.