Free-reign Design Options


Already love the designs I make and trust that I would not burn your house up the minute I get access to it? This type of new ‘commission’ form might be something for you!

Newly introduced free-reign designs is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, but just to clarify it:

  • You will be able to choose a pre-determined interior style. If you think this style fits you, you can continue with the application.
  • A mood board or inspiration will be available, so you will have some kind of idea what the finished product will look like.
  • You will not be able to make specific requests for the house, such as size, rooms or colors.
  • I will allow small specifications like for example: please use this x furniture in the design.

Prices, costs and furniture

  • Normal non-gil fee will apply, please contact me for prices. Upon application I will also be sending you pricing information.
  • Pricing will be lower than my previously custom commissions.
  • Furniture gil-fee is applied:
    • S House – 8M gil
    • M House – 9M gil
    • L House – 10M gil
  • Gil-fee may vary depending on your server.

Available Design Options

Lalafell-sized Cozy Modern Cottage

Status: Taken

Preferred district: any
Preferred size: large (maybe medium)

Reference pictures below

Must have: Access to Fools Threshold from Doman Enclave, MGP Dance Poles, Wolf Marks Towel and Moogle Beast Tribe Sofa.

  • A cute modern cottage for the tiniest of races.

    Multiple rooms, kitchen, living room and bedroom, maybe more.

    Cute signature colours, white, light tones and wooden elements.