Info & Payment

Welcome to the info page!
My name is Aloise and I have been doing digital art since 2010. Currently I work in Clip Studio Paint, but also have extensive knowledge in Photoshop.

To request a commission, please fill in the commission form, or contact me through email or discord (stated below).

Do’s & Dont’s

Do; any gender | neko-mimi, tails etc. | intricate designs | light armor and weapons | light nudity | character design |

Dont; NSFW | Furries | Mecha | Beasts or detailed animals |

For emotes, beasts and furries are okay as they will be simplified!

Information regarding emotes

Emotes offer, 5 for 10€, 10 for 18€ and 15 for 25€ only applies to one character. Multiple characters are processed as multiple commissions.

All emotes are done using the same base, this is how I am able to keep a low price. This also means that any emotes that needs change of base will be regarded as a individual order. If you want additional emotes with a different base, please contact me for a price.

for orders larger than 15 emotes, please contact me and we can work out a price.

Additional Costs

All +10€

  • Pets
  • Heavy armor
  • Intricate weapon designs


When you commission me I will always make a sketch before I take payment. This ensures that you as a commissioner can give feedback and change things before receiving the final product. I also always try to work closely with those who commission me, sending WIP pictures along the way and providing regular updates.


I accept; Paypal | Swish | Mobilepay

Paypal link:


To request a commission, please contact me on one of the following;
email; or

discord: Aloise#0001