Available for visits on: Light, Zodiark, Mist, W5P35 (L)

Last housing design for ShB expansion. I’m feeling so grateful and happy to have found such a big passion in housing design. This year, and this expansion have been such a crazy growth spurt for me. I got my first house in November 2020 and since then I learned how to fiddle around with the (often wonky) FFXIV housing system. I always tried to push myself to make more interesting, more demanding designs, and when I got more comfortable I started posting my builds online and received so much positive feedback. They really warmed my heart, so thank you! I would not be so passionate about this if it was not for the positive feedback I have received. Now Endwalker is just around the corner, and while I will take a little break from housing to enjoy the new content, I will continue to strive to make the best designs I can in the future! Until then, Aloise- out!

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